Magne Håvard Brekke composer / musician / vocalist / norwegian

Jürg Kienberger composer / musician / vocalist / swiss

Laurent Petitgand composer / musician / vocalist / french

Rainer Süßmilch composer / musician/ vocalist / german

Ståle Caspersen composer / musician / vocalist / norwegian

Matthias Loibner musician / vocalist / austrian

Eirik Mannsåker Roald musician / vocalist / norwegian

Sam Walker musician / vocalist / english

Ståle Caspersen composer / musician / vocalist / norwegian

Vidar Osmundsen musician / vocalist / norwegian

Sebastien Souchois composer / musician / vocalist / french

† Arthur Holøien musician / norwegian


Composer / musician / vocalist / norwegian
Founder and leader of Ljodahått

Born in the suburb of Oslo, next to the forest, is an actor. He sometimes picks up his violin, but is mainly the vocalist in Ljodahått.
He attended the State Theatre School “Ernst Busch” in East-Berlin, joined the ensemble of the Volksbiihne-Berlin in the early 1990’s under the leadership of Frank Castorf that became legendary. He worked with great directors in Germany amongst whom of course Frank Castorf, but also Christoph Marthaler, Dimiter Gotscheff and many others… Today he plays in theaters and films mostly in France, Germany and Norway. Several times with the french film director Mia Hansen Løve.


Composer / musician / vocalist /norwegian
Composed a lot of songs for Ljodahått. He plays the accordion (two-row, that he learned in his car in the evenings and nights, not to disturb his family and neighbours), acoustic guitar, piano and is also vocalist. He has played in several bands in Norway, the most important for him was The Tables. He also composes music for the theater and for film Vinterkyss among others in Norway but also for films in France and Germany. He writes, make chimneys and try to take good care of his small new old farm in the south part of Norway.


Musician / mixer / vocalist / english
Plays the bass so smooth and sensitive, and when he goes totally into the music his head starts swinging nicely in all directions. He mixed the first Ljodahått album, and will be the one to mix the next. He fell in love with Ljodahått at once, and dived into its universe with outstanding passion and energy. Busy recording music for the past 35 years in numerous countries. He has worked with Ray Charles, Robert Palmer, Manfred Mann and Paul McCartney amongst major international artists. During the early 1980’s he even worked with various Norwegian artists. Since the performance in Berlin 2012 he now finds himself playing bass for Ljodahått ! Life can be full of surprises!


Composer / musician / vocalist / swiss
He can make music out of almost everything with spectacular insight and humour. He also plays a home-made glass harp, the piano, organ, accordion, and a lot of other instruments. Jurg is already a living legend in the german spoken-theatre world mostly because of his long-standing collaboration with Christoph Marthaler Hotel Angst, Was ihr wollt. Groundings, Dantons Tod… and many others. To mention some of his stunning activity; at the Wiener Festwochen he played Schütz vor der Zukunft and Riesenbutzbach, Papperlapapp at the Festival d’Avignon, at the Theater Basel in Die kleine Hexe, Romeo and Julia, Geld und Geist and his solo öhrli in the morning. At the Salzburger Festspiele he performed the on-stage recitative for Figaros Hochzeit, which was played also at the Opera de Paris in 2006. In 2011 he developed ±0 in Greenland, another Mathaler project. In 2012 he composed and directed the music for Tellspiele and sang Handel-duet with Anne Sofie von Otter at the Operahouse in Zurich.


Musician / vocalist / austrian
Has often been called the Jimi Hendrix of the hurdu-gurdy for his expressive playing on this old string instrument.
He plays everything on it from classic baroque, to folk music and rock. He has travelled the world with his hurdy gurdy for all manner of occasions.
A phenomenon.
In Vienna, he has initiated a hurdy-gurdy festival in cooperation with the radio station Cultural house Ö1.
In 2008 he launched the unique sound installation The Time Project, which brings together four European bands (Snö, Mitsoura, Palyrria, Familha Artús) from East, West, North and South to overcome time and space.
His award winning CD recordings are as resourceful as the list of his musical partners and places of performance.


Composer / musician / vocalist / norwegian
He plays guitar and piano in Ljodahatt. Studied by the conservatory in Stavanger.
Was tought piano by legendary jazz-pianist Ove Hetland.
Vidar is very active in the underground music in Norway and spend a lot of time in a lot of studios. He has been part of many norwegian bands and plays a register of very different sounds. He often participate on film music. Let him find his way to do things, he does. And he is delighted to find out that he got totally lost. Always with a big heart.


Composer / musician / vocalist / french
He was the first to jump into Ljodahått and has composed several songs. He plays a number of different instruments: in Ljodahått mostly guitar, organ and piano. In addition to his own work he composes music for film, has a close relationship with Wim Wenders since Tokyo-Ga 1985 followed by Wings of desire in 1987 and has a long-standing collaboration with this film maker and also with Michelangelo Antonioni and Paul Auster’s latest film.
He wrote songs for Alain Bashung and mixed cords for Christophe. He also composes music for choreographers like Angelin Preljocaj. In 2013 he is composing music for 3 films in which another one with Wim Wenders Shade & Light and do regularly some acting too. You can often see him on stage with his group.


Musician / vocalist / norwegian
He plays the cello in Ljodahått. Educated at the concervatory of music in Oslo, The great teachers and mentors, Marit Klovning, Hans Holgerson and Ørnulf Michelsen gave this kid his solid, musical platform, enabling him to adventure the more raffined registers of the Cello.
During the years, Eirik has contributed as a musician and composer on a wide range of bands and musical projects, and his own electro-accoustic project Fossekallen. Eirik is a musician in constant search of the unexplored and unexpected. He is the youngest of us in Ljodahått and so quick to jump on to a challenge, always with a big smile.


Composer / musician / vocalist / french
He has composed a couple of songs for Ljodahått. Started up in the French jazz-scene and is an excellent saxophone player (tenor and alto). Since 2004 he is also composing music for french films, starting with the film La première fois que j’ai eu 20 ans by Lorraine Lévy, until his latest collaboration in 2012 with the film maker Anne Fassio for the film Ma bonne étoile. He also works as a composer for television and theater. You can find him in very different events on stage. When he blows, he blows!


Composer / musician/ vocalist / german

After searching for a musical home for his skills in playing the english concertina for almost half of his life (an almost forgotten, rarely played instrument with the largest musical potential compared to its tiny size no bigger than an average bowler hat), he by chance – or should we rather call it fate? – crossed the intricate path of the Paris-based Norwegian actor Magne Håvard Brekke in a production of „Romeo and Juliet“ at the public theatre in Frankfurt. He was immediately willing to join in a musical adventure Magne Håvard was about to give birth to, even if the latter forced him to also play – next to his concertina – the trumpet, the alto horn (another of his underestimated instruments, by the way), the jew’s harp (well…), to sing and even to compose songs. This musical adventure was supposed to be called LJODAHÅTT.


Musician / vocalist / english
Was woken up one dark night and went to his window in the rolling english hills. He saw a procession of men dressed in black bowler hats, singing loudly in a language he didn’t understand. A Drøm ? Mais Non ! He took his most precious drumkit and jumped from the third floor, landing with a crash and a bang amongst the company. His injuries were not life threatening and he managed to strike up a beat to the mysterious sounds. Those sounds grew and grew and Sam was carried far and wide over the seas and under ice, through dreams and nightmares on the bold ship Ljodahått. A Drøm? Mais Oui!


Musician / norwegian
He played the double bass and bass guitar in Ljodahått.
From the age of 16 he was on the road to play with well known bands in Norway, like DE Press and Lonely Crowd. He also played with Adam Cain, Oddpop, Marie-Josee Houle, Hogen Rormark and Girl from Saskatoon and many more. He was able to get us in Ljodahått all back on tune and rhythm if we got too lost. And we did many times. And he was laughing and made us laugh too. We all regret him a lot as he decided to leave this life so soon.